[RC5-PROXYPER] new personal proxy (Linux)

Igor Bilyi igor at monetplus.cz
Thu Jan 15 08:55:46 EST 1998

>Here are the steps which are working for many people to get their
>PerProxy running:

>   1) Add 'allowdes=1' to your proxy's INI file in the '[desII]'
>   2) Change 'maxkeysdone' to be 'maxkeysdone=1' in the '[rc564]'
>   3) Change 'maxkeysdone' to be 'maxkeysdone=1' in the '[desII]'
>   4) Make sure you deleted your ppbuffin.* files from the prior proxy version.

It's work with os/2 proxyper !

Igor Bilyi

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