[RC5-PROXYPER] New personal proxies (274b)

Scott Lambert KC5MLE slambert at warped.cswnet.com
Thu Jan 15 08:52:18 EST 1998

In <9F601965386FD1119A9500A024E7C57310E938 at ib500exc>, on 01/15/98 
   at 02:45 PM, mlm at isbank.is said:

>I was aslo having this problem until I moved the out buffers (created with
>270) to another place and started with fresh out buffers.  Now it is
>submitting blocks just fine.
>But then there is another problem... I've got about 700 out-blocks from the
>270 proxy, probably marked with rc5 at distributed.net as the email address
>since I had quite a few "Bad build/os/cpu corrected." messages in my
>logfile.  Anyone got an idea how to submit those (with the correct email
>address ofcourse)??

I have grown very suspicious of doing upgrades the client or the proxy
without getting rid of the buffer files first.  So, yes I did move the pp*
files to another directory before turning this version loose.

And yes I did use the new ini file.  I had to get it from the freebsd
distribution.  It was missing from the OS/2 distribution.

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