[RC5-PROXYPER] New personal proxies (274b)

Scott Lambert KC5MLE slambert at warped.cswnet.com
Thu Jan 15 11:02:59 EST 1998

>In <Version.32.19980115021458.00f2d710 at orion.ac.hmc.edu>, on 01/15/98 
>   at 02:22 AM, Jeff Lawson <bovine at distributed.net> said:

>>There is a new personal proxy version available for some platforms (build
>>274b) that should correct a number of buffer and block problems that some
>>users were experiencing in previous versions.

>>Note that version 274b fixes a bug that was still present in 274 that would
>>cause failed server connections to put back DES blocks into the RC5 buffer.

>Are you sure about that?  The only thing I can see that has improved it I
>now get the right IP with client completed blocks.

I think the problem only occurs when there are both RC5 and DES blocks
waiting to be sent to the server.  I couldn't get it to send the blocks and
unzipped copy of the OS/2 274b personal proxy into the directory. 

The OS/2 client package doesn't have an ini file included so it used the
rc5proxy.ini from the 261 build.  I started the client and it acted like it
didn't know anything about DES and sent all the rc5 blocks.  Then I used the
271 proxy which was also in that directory with it's full ini and it shipped
out the DES blocks.

Right now the proxy has:

[01/15/98 17:08:26 GMT] rc564 r=1754/2000, d=234/1, des r=1883/2000, d=12/1

and can't send blocks again.

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