[RC5-PROXYPER] New personal proxies (274b)

Sho Nakagama nakagama at email.njin.net
Thu Jan 15 14:08:16 EST 1998

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Scott Lambert KC5MLE wrote:
> >Note that version 274b fixes a bug that was still present in 274 that would
> >cause failed server connections to put back DES blocks into the RC5 buffer.
> Are you sure about that?  The only thing I can see that has improved it I
> now get the right IP with client completed blocks.

Well, I nervously changed my completed thresholds to "10" (from 1) and it
seems to work 99% of the time.  I haven't yet gotten the erve to change it
to "50" and be past the apparent "15" limitation.  I'm happy with 10 for
the moment.

Of course, its possible that the problem may lie on the top level key

Also, defintely, for me, the bad IP with completed blocks as well as the
bad os/cpu/build issue seemd fixed, which my stats programmers are quite
ahppy about.

Now about adding in the "forcemail" issue... <g>


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