[RC5-PROXYPER] Win32 275 pp problems

Pilcher, David (Poole) David.Pilcher at poole.siemens.co.uk
Fri Jan 16 09:54:03 EST 1998

Umm, it doesn't work!

It appears to talk to clients properly, just not the main proxies.

I thought that this was just using the HTTP proxy until I tried it live
side, but even then it keeps sending rc64 blocks, but putting them all
back with no replies.  No des blocks are even requested! I have some
rc64 blocks, so I assume it is requesting those correctly.

And for people who worry about ini files and things:
It was installed in a new (empty directory) - i.e. no old 261 blocks or
anything floating around.
The ini file supplied with the .zip was modified.


PS the old 261 proxy fails to upload too, now the main proxies are
running new software? 
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