[RC5-PROXYPER] Win32 275 pp problems

Richard Baldry rjb at sophos.com
Fri Jan 16 10:30:08 EST 1998

> Umm, it doesn't work!
> It appears to talk to clients properly, just not the main proxies.
> I thought that this was just using the HTTP proxy until I tried it live
> side, but even then it keeps sending rc64 blocks, but putting them all
> back with no replies.  No des blocks are even requested! I have some
> rc64 blocks, so I assume it is requesting those correctly.
> And for people who worry about ini files and things:
> It was installed in a new (empty directory) - i.e. no old 261 blocks or
> anything floating around.
> The ini file supplied with the .zip was modified.
I have experienced exactly the same problem.  I now have about 450 RC5
blocks waiting to be sent!


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