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Scott Lambert KC5MLE slambert at warped.cswnet.com
Fri Jan 16 10:57:43 EST 1998

In <199801161644.LAA11779 at eurydice.511.com>, on 01/16/98 
   at 11:45 AM, Matt Steinhoff <mls at audiosports.net> said:

>> From: lantz moore <lantz_moore at contigo.com>
>> i'm still seeing the same block uploading problem in v275
>> as in v270 and v274b.

>    This isn't what you're gonna want to hear, but it's what worked for me.
>After completing nearly 2,700 DES 2^30 blocks and sending them to the
>personal proxy and trying every version of the RC5/DES to make it flush, I
>cut my loses, deleted all the buffer files and started new.
>    It has worked fine since.
>    (Note: Yes, I did delete the old proxy buff files before I installed
>the first RC5/DES version of the proxy. Yes, I had the right flag in the
>DES section. Yes, I did try everything the folks in #rc5 suggested to no

I would move the blocks to another directory just in case a later proxy
became available that was able to send them.  I've also had blocks I
couldn't get to send on the server machine that went out ok from my personal
machine.  Go figure.

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