[RC5] Invitation to RC5-56 victory party

Jo Hermans Jo.Hermans at vub.ac.be
Fri Jan 16 17:51:04 EST 1998


as most people have heard by te now, the Dinf Bovine Team that found the
key for RC5-56 (see http://dinf.vub.ac.be/bovine/victory.html ) will use
our $1000 to organize a big party here.

It will happen next Tuesday (January 20th), at the VUB University in
Brussels, Belgium, in the BSG-room (Q-building). Start: 2100 local time
(GMT+1) People who want directions, can always mail me.

We orginally wanted to use the money for free beer for everyone, but we
figured that it might attract the wrong people, who would just try to 
as much beer as they can. So we decided that we have to ask 100BF at the
door (people who are/were in the Dinf team can get in for free), and the
beer will be only 10BF. Yes, only 10BF ! (a beer in a pub costs 50BF, just
for comparison) This should be enough to prevent most problems, while we
still can get plastered without breaking the bank.

Speaking about banks, I know that my bank uses triple-des. Maybe we should
... *cough* *cough* <grin>
There's no network in that room, but maybe we can dig up a couple of pc's
to crack some blocks while we crack some bottles ... And our network still
does our 20Mkeys/sec ...

P.S. people who have the winning number tatooed (sp?) on their forehead 
still get in and drink for free. But we'll have to check if it's a real
tatooed, by asking 'Klein Peerke' to rub it off ... Don't say I didn't 
you !

Jo Hermans, System Manager WFS, VUB University, Brussels
Jo.Hermans at vub.ac.be                http://dinf.vub.ac.be/~jo/

Co-listmom (sic) of Blues-L         news:bit.listserv.blues-l
Maintains the Antwerp Blues Scene   http://www.innet.be/~jhermans/blues/
Dinf won RC5-56 !                   

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