[RC5-PROXYPER] Win32 Proxy-275 not flushing

rc5proxy at amazing.ch rc5proxy at amazing.ch
Sat Jan 17 22:30:00 EST 1998

On Jan 16 Erik Bussink (Erik at bussink.ch) wrote:
> The Proxy 275 running under NT 4.0 is also showing problems with
> the Flusing of the blocks. I've found a way, I edit the .ini file
> and add about 40-50 blocks to the [rc5]maxkeysreadyx field, then
> flush manually, it will send some blocks back.

I had similar problems (same proxy). I found out, that flushing and
fetching goes much smoother, when you prevent any interuptions to
the proxy.

So I set the client-port to 9999, so the clients don't find the
proxy. moved one buffer away (say the pbufout.rc5) and restarted
the proxy. It happily sent more than 1000 old Blocks to the server.
Then I moved the oter buffer back and restarted again and it sent
also the rc5-keys to the server.

To me it seems like the program is catching some wrong signals or
mixes up it's internal state when doing several things at once...

> The proxy 275 does not fetch any DES2 blocks.

mine does.

maybe put allowdes=3D1 in the des-section of the ini-file.

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