[RC5-PROXYPER] [rc5desproxyper] Not updating desII-buffer?

Herve Lehoux hlehoux at adways.com
Tue Jan 20 10:16:45 EST 1998

Jochen Erwied wrote:

> I set up a personal proxy for the *.ruhr.de-domain to speed up getting keys.
> RC5-keys are working fine, but DES-II keys are transmitted to, but not
> fetched from the keyserver (in my case euro.v27.distributed.net).
> As a result, the ppbuffin.des is empty (4 bytes).
> I'm using V2.75 of rc5desproxyper under Linux, using the supplied .ini-file
> with only small changes.
> Any hints?

All i can tell is that i use the same config and it works well with us.v27...

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