[RC5-PROXYPER] Proxy stopped working properly.

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Tue Jan 20 22:08:28 EST 1998

Ok, i've been running the 274b(win32) and 275(win32 & os/2) proxies for a few days now.
They had been functioning without a problem (besides the 'ol allowdes=1 trick).
Today i made a number of changes to the win95 machine, and at the same time the win32 proxy has started playing up.

The problem i am getting is that it is now only receives RC5 blocks.
It does not receive DES blocks and it won't flush properly:
[01/20/98 05:48:54 GMT] rc564 r=2017/2000, d=325/1, des r=608/2000, d=84/1
[01/20/98 05:48:54 GMT] 0d 5:00:43, 0.0 rc5 Mkeys/sec 0.0 des Mkeys/sec
[01/20/98 05:48:54 GMT] Status: Slot 0 LISTENING
[01/20/98 05:48:54 GMT] Server 9 added to slot 1 ip port 2064
[01/20/98 05:48:54 GMT] Flushing out-buff to disk.
[01/20/98 05:48:54 GMT] Avg Periodic Load 1%
[01/20/98 05:48:58 GMT] The proxy says: glub ... glub ... glub ... (crack.it.ca)
[01/20/98 05:48:58 GMT] Transmitting completed block to server
[snip - above line *15]
[01/20/98 05:48:59 GMT] Server connection done, closing now
[01/20/98 05:48:59 GMT] Putting back 15 unsent server acknowledgements

The changes were:
I installed fixpack 1 + the ole32 and kernal32 updates from OSR2.  (these may have already been installed but, this unattended 
win95 box was crashing at least 2 times a day, so i though these updates might help if they weren't already installed, especially 
the kernal32 update with its socket fixes. Next i'll try the winsock v2 update)
I moved the proxy into a new directory (from H:\ to H:\PROXY\) and changed the .ini so that it wrote its logs to the new dir.
I installed a win32 crontab app.
I fiddled with the detached= setting.
That's about all i think.

I hope somebody has a solution to this, my DES PP in buffer is emptying rapidly.

My full .ini is attached, and logs are available if they are of any use.
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