[RC5-PROXYPER] Firewall problem

Wed Jan 21 08:35:48 EST 1998

>I recently downloaded the personal proxy for NT because I have several 
>clients that cannot get out the corporate firewall.  My thought was to 
>set up the proxy on the machine with the best reputation for downloading 
>keys, and then use it to distribute key to all my clients.  The problem 
>is that I cannot get it to down load keys.  I've never had trouble with 
>the clients before.  After playing around with the settings I got the 
>proxy message from the main keyserver, but it disconnected right away 
>without downloading keys.  Here are the settings: 
This seems to be a problem with the current versions of the proxy servers. I 
have the same problem, but according to Adam Berg (I think the spelling's 
write there, sorry if it's not) their dealing with that in future versions. 
Strangly I did manage to get out to one of the key servers on 
us80.v27.distributed.net a couple of days ago, but now I can't get out at
I'm having to resort to loading the win32 pproxy on my laptop, dial in to
net, grab a big batch of keys, and then share the buffers with my Os/2
that lives inside the network here. 
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