[RC5-PROXYPER] Proxy stopped working properly.

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Wed Jan 21 23:29:05 EST 1998

Well, i arrived at work ready to try out a few suggestions from respondents to my last mail, only to find that the proxy had gone 
back into normal operation with full in buffers and empty out buffers.

Here's what happened:
1) The PProxy connected every 2mins or so trying to flush, resulting in 'Putting back 15 unsent server acknowledgements'.
2) This was occasionally interupted by client connections until...
3) A client connected, and during this the proxy only had 2 DES blocks to give it, the client then gave the proxy its completed 
DES blocks.
4)The pproxy then continued along its 'Putting back 15 unsent server acknowledgements' cycle.
5) The client completed its 2 DES blocks, sent these in, and was assigned a bunch of RC5 blocks.
6) The PProxy connected to the main proxies to request more RC5 blocks. During this connection it also transmitted 
completed blocks and got acknowledgements.
7) Having filled its RC5 buffer, it then, in the same connection as 6 successfully requested and sent DES blocks.
8) having filled and emptied its DES buffers, it continued to function correctly.

Moral of the story: If your proxy is stuck in the 'Putting back 15 unsent server acknowledgements' loop, try requesting some 
RC5 block from it.

Once again full console and key logs are available should they be of any use to developers.

Note that this is with the 275 PProxy. I have since upgraded the win95 machine to winsock2 and the 276 proxy.

Is this bug known to be fixed in the 276 build?

dan carter
OS/2 - The sane way to jump out of windows.

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