[RC5-PROXYPER] RE: Win Proxy ver 276

Avery, Richard (R.) richard.avery.rjavery at nortel.co.uk
Wed Jan 21 12:25:47 EST 1998

Using a European IP address for euro.v27.distributed.net ( I
have managed to get build 276 to work.

Hurrah, and thanks to the coders for the new fixed version. I can now
update some clients and join the DES party.


>From: 	Avery, Richard (R.)
>Sent: 	21 January 1998 09:53
>To: 	'rc5-proxyper at llamas.net'
>Cc: 	'scrute at uk.oracle.com'
>Subject: 	Win Proxy ver 276
>The new Windows personal proxy is available and the changes.proxy file claims
>the HTTP problems (or some of them at least) have been cured :-
>Fix for HTTP mode, nonstandard use of headers in netscape proxy.
>I have installed this with mixed success. Firstly the readme file and ini
>file both appear to be misformatted with regards to linefeeds/CRs. I have
>managed to read the ini file on Unix and it appears the same as the 275
>version so I have used my old ini file.
>With the new version installed I am managing to reach a proxy (
>- does anyone know the IP address for a European proxy) as I get a 'proxy
>says' message back but the HTTP connection to my http proxy is then closed.
>Any clues? It may just be a busy proxy but my clients can get through to
>fetch at least a few blocks!
>Log File :-
>[01/21/98 09:47:28 GMT] rc564 r=0/10, d=0/10, des r=0/10, d=0/10
>[01/21/98 09:47:28 GMT] 0d 0:09:44, 0.0 rc5 Mkeys/sec 0.0 des Mkeys/sec
>[01/21/98 09:47:28 GMT] Status: Slot 0 LISTENING
>[01/21/98 09:47:28 GMT] Server 9 added to slot 1 ip nnn.ooo.ppp.qqq port 8080
>[01/21/98 09:47:36 GMT] The proxy says: Now showing:  The Death of DES (Nite
>[01/21/98 09:47:36 GMT] Closing HTTP connection for server nnn.ooo.ppp.qqq
>Ini File :-
>; example proxy configuration file
>; server address to connect to
>;15-sec interval
>;Specify this if you have multiple lan interfaces, and can only connect
>;to a keyserver on one of them.
>;Dialup users, you can leave this blank.
>; set this to one to use the http proxy mode
>httpid=<ID from gui client>
>; Put your ipaddress here only if you have multiple network interfaces and
>; only want to serve keys on *one* of them.
>; detaches proxy from controlling terminal
>; and runs as a daemon process
>; log of all console activity / even when detached
>; rotate logs none, hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly
>; logverbosity is a bitmask, you
>; can turn of individual bits to toggle
>; different logging types
>; 0   : No logs
>; 1   : Keyblock info
>; 2   : Keyserver comm
>; 4   : GMT time display
>; 8   : keybuffer status
>; 16  : general logging
>; 32  : statistics
>; 64  : reserved for future use
>; 128 : reserved for future use
>; 255 : turns on all logging
>; this new option works fairly well,
>; however there is alot of source level
>; sorting out of log output types, so if
>; you see a message pertaining to something
>; you thought you turned off, it's quite
>; possible.
>; log of all completed keyblocks
>; rotate logs none, hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly
>; log of all completed keyblocks
>; rotate logs none, hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly
>;Set to allow your proxy to serve desII blocks.
>proxymessage=Phear the dancing cows!
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