[RC5-PROXYPER] problem with 276 win32 proxyper

Avery, Richard (R.) richard.avery.rjavery at nortel.co.uk
Wed Jan 21 17:34:02 EST 1998


I was receiving this message earlier today until I used the IP address
of proxies closer to me.

For the USA the fastest response I received was from in
Europe the best response is for me. Full lists of IP
addresses have been distributed on this list but put
euro.v27.distributed.net or us.v27.distributed.net into the search form
at http://ds1.internic.net/cool/dns.html to get a list of IPs.

Best of luck

>From: 	Brandeburg, Jesse[SMTP:jesse_brandeburg at mail.intel.com]
>Sent: 	21 January 1998 17:14
>To: 	rc5-proxyper at lists.distributed.net
>Subject: 	[RC5-PROXYPER] problem with 276 win32 proxyper
>Hi, I was eagerly looking forward to being able to set up a proxy that
>would work with the firewall we have here. The clients work okay, but

>And using the different uuehttpmode settings of 2 or 3 with out-buffers
>pending , I get the correct message of:
>The proxy says: <insert witty message here>
>Then the next line is
>Closing HTTP connection for server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>No packets transmitted or received. Doh!
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