[RC5-PROXYPER] Proxy stats.

Thierry Coopman thierry at skynet.be
Mon Jan 26 11:58:00 EST 1998

>At 17:06 1998.01.25. -0000, you wrote:
>>Has anyone released any personal proxy stats program for the DES2 challenge,
>>prefereably linux :)
>Now especially for DES, but only have to change the logname file.
>Bye by TiBU

I adapted the script a little bit to take the different blocksize in account.

I changed
 $db{ "$date:$email:$host:$os:$cpu" }++;

(around line 200)


$db{ "$date:$email:$host:$os:$cpu" } += ($nkeys + 0) ;

I guess this makes all the stats to blocksize 2^28.

Please correct me if i'm wrong

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