[RC5-PROXYPER] web proxy works for client, but not proxyper

steven at heimann.com.au steven at heimann.com.au
Fri Jan 30 06:51:20 EST 1998

> >I can get through our firewall with the client, but in trying to setup a
> >local proxy, it does not seam to work.  All the setting are the same.
> >Does the proxyper http proxy stuff work?

Our personal proxy does not go through a firewall so this is probably not
related.  However, I was getting network errors with our proxy when I had
the output buffers configured to a smaller number than the input buffers.
Your log looks similar to mine whem I was having this problem.

Try temporarily setting maxkeysready=10 maxkeysdone=10  minkeysready=5 and
send HUP or CNTRL Break (depending on which platform you use) and see if it
will flush the buffers.

Good luck


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