[RC5-PROXYPER] New personal proxy monitor

Paul Leskinen paul at csfi.com
Thu Jan 29 18:12:09 EST 1998

I would like to announce a FREE FREE FREE personal proxy monitor that runs
under Windows 95 and NT that will monitor personal proxies running under
UNIX, Windows 95 or NT. The program monitors the new personal proxies that
handle both RC5 and DES II blocks. It does make adjustments for different
block sizes. A "block" is defined as 2^28 keys in this monitor.

To monitor a UNIX personal proxy, the program runs a remote shell command
and starts a tail on the personal proxy log.

To monitor a Windows personal proxy, it opens the log file and attempts to
read more information each second.

Either way, it processes every line that comes in, and keeps track of the
blocks that were submitted by each host. For each host, it shows the time
the last block was submitted, the total blocks submitted (in that log file),
the blocks submitted today, and the rate today. The overall stats include
the last status report, total blocks submitted today, and the average
overall keyrate today. Also, double-clicking a host shows a 7-day history of
that host. A user can give a name to each host that will be saved for the
next session.

If anyone is interested in this monitor, feel free to download it at
http://www.csfi.com/~paul .  This is a brand new program--I'm running it to
monitor my UNIX proxy, but have not tested it for Windows personal proxies.
If I could have a victim... err... volunteer to run this against a Windows
proxy, I'd appreciate it.

Any ideas for enhancements to this program are welcome.

  -- Paul Leskinen

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