[RC5-PROXYPER] Bug in PProxy 279b (Win32) or WinNT service (2.7100)

Gary Sereno gsereno at hart.gov.uk
Fri Jul 3 09:15:53 EDT 1998

Petr Novotny wrote:

> Hi,
> on the main server (PPro 200MHz, 2^28 block takes around 8mins) I am
> running a NT service client and a personal proxy (build 279b). In the
> attached log you can see that as soon as the number of blocks in
> in-buffer drops below maxkeyready (which is 150), it stops assigning
> blocks to the client! (The client is set to 10:10.) (The proxy is behind
> a firewall and feeds from the main proxy living at the firewall computer;
> the firewall computer is down during the night.

I saw a similar problem, but from the client side, where non of my clients were
receiving new blocks.  I ended up having to restart the proxy in the end.  This
cured it for me - though did cause a reduction in the number of non-random blocks
being encrypted

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