[RC5-PROXYPER] max 32 connections

William Scott Lockwood III wsl3 at home.com
Sun Jul 12 19:42:36 EDT 1998

Exactly.  That was what I was trying to explain to this other guy on the list...  I
think the real point here though, is that it is VERY unlikely that you would have
more than 32 connections at once.  He seems to have a problem in that he has more
than 32 people he's coordinating for, but I think one proxy is adequate for a very
large number of people.  And once it isn't, chain it to another one like we've
described here...

Charles W. Hubbard wrote:

> > On Fri, Jul 10, 1998 at 06:46:36PM -0700, William Scott Lockwood III wrote:
> >
> > > Could you chain proxy's together?  I.E.  Have like 16+ people connecting to a
> > > proxy that get's it blocks from the first proxy?
> (sorry this is in response to a reply and not the original post)
> You *can* chain pproxies together if you like. I run a pproxy on my
> local network at home and it in turn talks to our team proxy which is
> maintained at a local ISP. I've never had a problem running like this.
> C.
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