[RC5-PROXYPER] max 32 connections

Scott Lambert KC5MLE slambert at warped.cswnet.com
Mon Jul 13 09:52:07 EDT 1998

In <19980713094832.28660 at cs.brown.edu>, on 07/13/98 
   at 09:48 AM, Benoit Hudson <bh at cs.brown.edu> said:

>> BTW: How do you start 150 clients simultaniously and they all need blocks? 
>> Are you regularly adding that many *new* clients?

>I also do this: every once in a while, all the computers in the department
>get rebooted, so I tell them to restart, all 100 or so, simultaneously.

Are they all in need of blocks when they restart?  Don't most of them have
some blocks left in their buff-in.* files?

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Written: Monday, July 13, 1998 - 08:52 AM

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