[RC5-PROXYPER] max 32 connections

Eckhard Ruediger Ruediger.Eckhard at oen.siemens.de
Mon Jul 13 17:50:19 EDT 1998

> > BTW: How do you start 150 clients simultaniously and they all need
> blocks? 
> > Are you regularly adding that many *new* clients?
> I also do this: every once in a while, all the computers in the
> department
> get rebooted, so I tell them to restart, all 100 or so,
> simultaneously.
	[Eckhard Ruediger]  Even if you start them all simultaneously,
this does not mean that all of them will request new blocks immediately.
This might be true for the first ever start, but after time the block
progress will be different on each machine (unless they are really idle
all the time, have all the same CPU, hard disk etc.)
	This block progress is preserved over the shutdown in the
buff-in files, so I can't see why they would contact the proxy all t the
same time.
	BTW: How do you start them simultaneously? Did you write some
sort of batch job, do you use the pause file or some other method?


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