[RC5-PROXYPER] General Questions

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Wed Jul 15 12:20:24 EDT 1998

> Hello all,
> I've been using the PKP for about a month now and have a few
> questions as to how it works.
> 1) Is it true that PKP works FIFO (First in First Out) or is it FILO
> (First in Last Out)?


> 2) I've heard that PKP will combine block back together before
> sending them into the key servers. i.e.  Clients are using 2^28
> blocks, when they get back to the PKP they get stuffed back into
> 2^31 blocks before they are sent back to the Key servers.  Is this
> true?

Partly; it does stuff them back provided that the information (like 
e-mail, OS, build etc.) is identical; it also doesn't do much 
searching in history. You can find more if you chain two pproxies and 
analyze the log of the "master" one.

> 3) Can PKPs be chained together?  i.e. pkp -> pkp -> keyserver

Yes - but not through a HTTP proxy (or at least I was told so). It is 
not a documented feature (or is it already?) but it works in most 
Petr Novotny, ANTEK CS
Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
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