[RC5-PROXYPER] network access mode for personal proxy with dial-up?

Douglas W. Johnson finson at whidbey.com
Fri Jul 24 23:49:45 EDT 1998


I have the win32 client set up and running on NT4 in lurk-only mode with a
dial up connection to my ISP.  It works very nicely.

I next installed the win32 pproxy so that I could support other machines on
my lan.  The client connects to the proxy and dumps blocks to it okay, but I
don't see any way to control the proxy and get it to connect to the outside
world when (and only when) I have dialed out.  It tries to do something
every workperiod, but I don't think it ever actually accomplishes anything,
even when I'm connected.  It certainly does not get keys and make them
available when the client requests them.  I have run it mostly as a service
(using -install) but have tried it in a window too with no better luck.

The only reference to dialup with the proxy that I've been able to find is
in the proxy readme, in the section about ports/listenaddress.  That clearly
implies that my configuration is supported, but I don't see anything about
setting or controlling the network access mode or using the proxy with dial
up connections.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


doug johnson
finson at whidbey.com

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