[RC5-PROXYPER] network access mode for personal proxy with dial-up?

Phillip Eviston phile at phile.com.au
Sat Jul 25 17:32:39 EDT 1998

Douglas W. Johnson wrote:

> I next installed the win32 pproxy so that I could support other machines on
> my lan.  The client connects to the proxy and dumps blocks to it okay, but I
> don't see any way to control the proxy and get it to connect to the outside
> world when (and only when) I have dialed out.  It tries to do something
> every workperiod, but I don't think it ever actually accomplishes anything,
> even when I'm connected.  It certainly does not get keys and make them
> available when the client requests them.  I have run it mostly as a service
> (using -install) but have tried it in a window too with no better luck.
> The only reference to dialup with the proxy that I've been able to find is
> in the proxy readme, in the section about ports/listenaddress.  That clearly
> implies that my configuration is supported, but I don't see anything about
> setting or controlling the network access mode or using the proxy with dial
> up connections.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


I haven't used the win32 version, but there should be a way to initiate
a flush some way or other - either via an external program (in os/2 this
via rc5flush.exe) or via a command line option in the win version.

I'd look into using a script that is automatically run by your dialler
when you connect to your ISP. In pseudocode, it might look like:

     /* script to run automagically when dialler connects  */
     sleep x seconds /* maybe 60 to allow the dialler to complete
                        the login process                         */
     flush pproxy    /* this should transmit completed blocks and
                        depending on how many blocks are remaining
                        and what the maxkeysready setting is should
                        fetch more (command-line or external prog)*/

I'd start a second instance of the pproxy to do this. The frequency you
dial up your ISP will determine what the maxkeysready setting should be.
But I'd suggest a high setting for maxkeysdone (eg. 9999) and a low
setting for the minkeysready (eg. 5) if your using an ISP.

An alternate plan, but far less preferable, would be to autostart a
script from the dialler to kill the PProxy, and then restart it,
but this would be a PITA.

I'm not sure about your comments regarding the ports/listenaddress
section. My understanding was this is what ports the proxy listens
on for *client* connections. The listenaddress can be used if you have
a permanent ip allocation, but many ISPs provide dynamic IP's on dialup.

Hope this is of some use.


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