[RC5-PROXYPER] network access mode for personal proxy with dial-up?

Daniel Trads danielts at post8.tele.dk
Sun Jul 26 21:41:21 EDT 1998

Douglas W. Johnson wrote:

[SNIP - Client running on NT4 - lurk-only - dialup - works ok]

[SNIP - PProxy tries to connect even no dialup has been initiated]

> The only reference to dialup with the proxy that I've been able to find is
> in the proxy readme, in the section about ports/listenaddress.  That clearly
> implies that my configuration is supported, but I don't see anything about
> setting or controlling the network access mode or using the proxy with dial
> up connections.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hmm, I'll try. :-) I use this configuration at work.

0. Install your Personal Proxy for Win32. (you have already done that)
1. Install a proxy called Wingate (any proxy will probably work).
2. Configure it to Autodial, whenever internet-access is needed.
3. Add "TCP-mapping" service.
4. Listen to port 12064. Map it through to us.v27.distributed.net:2064
5. Edit rc5desproxyper.ini:



You may need to experiment with the timeout-setting. If you modem takes
more than 90 seconds to connect and establish a connection you may try
to use a higher value.


With these settings you have enough blocks to feed a PII-233 for approx.
24 hours before a dialup is initiated. Setup your clients so that they
will have approx. 2 hours of work in their buffers. On a PII-233 it
could be 5/5. This makes it easy to monitor clients up and running.

Here is how it all goes:
Client -> Gateway:2064 -> Gateway:12064 -> d.net:2064

> doug johnson
> finson at whidbey.com

Daniel Trads <danielts at post8.tele.dk>

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