[RC5] New Beta Clients and ProxyPers

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Thu Jun 25 03:00:07 EDT 1998

Dave Avery wrote:
> The following beta clients have become available
> rc5des410-linux-x86-mt.tar.gz
> rc5des410-linux-x86-nomt.tar.gz

Arg, you got me Dave !

Yesterday I uploaded the x86 Linux clients a bit too fast. With these
clients you may not be able to run "./rc5des --help" (client will say
"terminals database is inaccessible").
I just uploaded new x86 Linux clients which fix this bug.

If you want to be sure your client doesn't have this bug :
~~ $ ident ./rc5des | grep disphelp.cpp
     $Id: disphelp.cpp,v 1.27 1998/06/24 06:45:15 remi Exp $
Anything other is buggy.

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