[RC5-PROXYPER] WinNT personal proxy using HTTP incompatible with proxy build 278 and up

Greg Darnell gnd at fc.hp.com
Thu Jun 25 10:35:19 EDT 1998

I've been using a personal proxy under WinNT to feed a
bunch of machines behind a firewall.  I set the proxy
up to use HTTP encoding.  It was working for the last
two weeks, although it could only connect to 

I just noticed yesterday in the proxy network status
webpage that rc5warped.ml.org was the only site listed
using "build 277"; all the others use 278 or 279.

Today my proxy can't connect to rc5warped at all, and I
notice that that site is now on build 278.

Note that a standard client running on the same machine as
my proxy can connect to most of the proxies using HTTP, so
it's not a firewall problem.  I conclude that the personal
proxy, at least for WinNT, is broken.

I looked at the CGI requests being sent thru the firewall
and they are clearly different between the client and the
personal proxy.  Perhaps the personal proxy code needs to
be updated?  

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