[[RC5-PROXYPER] WinNT personal proxy using HTTP incompatible with proxy build 278 and up]

FRAY tofray at usa.net
Thu Jun 25 18:06:37 EDT 1998

I've had the same results.  Even before the upgrade to 278
rg was the only key server I could get to through the firewall. Now
it's ÿ
nada!  Just like Greg I can use the client to get through just fine...
ny coders out there have any idea what's up with this?

> I've been using a personal proxy under WinNT to feed a
> bunch of machines behind a firewall.  I set the proxy
> up to use HTTP encoding.  It was working for the last
> two weeks, although it could only connect to ÿ

> rc5warped.ml.org.
> ÿ

> I just noticed yesterday in the proxy network status
> webpage that rc5warped.ml.org was the only site listed
> using "build 277"; all the others use 278 or 279.
> ÿ

> Today my proxy can't connect to rc5warped at all, and I
> notice that that site is now on build 278.
> ÿ

> Note that a standard client running on the same machine as
> my proxy can connect to most of the proxies using HTTP, so
> it's not a firewall problem.  I conclude that the personal
> proxy, at least for WinNT, is broken.
> ÿ

> I looked at the CGI requests being sent thru the firewall
> and they are clearly different between the client and the
> personal proxy.  Perhaps the personal proxy code needs to
> be updated?  ÿ

> ÿ

> Greg

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