[RC5-PROXYPER] blocks not being reported!

Jason Temple templej at vuser.vu.union.edu
Mon Mar 16 11:38:17 EST 1998

Greetings all,
	A while ago, I set up a personal proxy on my firewall machine
(linux) so that I could harness the power of my machines and my neighbors
(all of us are on a home-grown lan.  Together we have sun ss1+, dual ppro
180, p133, p166 and a p266...the proxy is running on a 486 (firewall).
With the exception of the 486, dual and sparc, everyone is running win95.
THey have the distributed client cracking away hapily in the background
when they are away at work, and  have my dualppro and sparc also cranking
away.  THe strange thing is that my personal proxy says I am getting about
1.0M  (sometimes higher, sometimes lower) Mkeys/sec at the console, but
when I check my email address on the stats page, I get around 300-400.
The email address is set up correctly on all machines, and the proxy logs
are reporting blocks completed from tthese other machines...I recently
joined the linuxNET team, but I was under the impression that individual
blocks are still recorded under my email, and the blocks are contributed
to the team...

Am I missing something here, or reading the logs wrong?  Why are my
kkeys/sec so off?

any help would be appreciated...TIA!


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