[RC5-PROXYPER] proxy log file formats

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Mon Mar 16 22:41:13 EST 1998

i've just set up a personal proxy server on my OS/2 box and was
interested in doing some stats on what it is processing. i've looked at
the stuff listed on distributed.net's web page but it didn't appear to
be what the description said it should. namely, stats packages for
different OS'...

so, i'm thinking about writting one in REXX... i'm needing the field
descriptions for the [console]/logfileconsole, [rc564]/logfilekeyblock,
and [desII]/logfilekeyblock...

in [console]/logfileconsole, i'm looking for descripters for each part
of this section...

   rc564 r=40/10, d=0/10, des r=0/10, d=0/10
   0d 15:24:29, 2.8 rc5 Mkeys/sec 0.0 des Mkeys/sec  

in [rc564]/logfilekeyblock, most everything is easy enough to figure out
except the last four fields...


the above are the three unique ones i currently see... all entries in my
log have one of the above three... i'm assuming that the same fields
will be present in the DES stuff when we start running it again.

thanks for your time...

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