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Thu May 14 09:42:46 EDT 1998

not my question, please resond back to phile at phile.com.au

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Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 18:12:41 +1100
From: Phillip Eviston <phile at phile.com.au>
Reply-To: rc5 at os2ss.com
To: rc5 at os2ss.com
Subject: Proxy Buff files

I tried to join the Distributed Net PerProxy mailing
list several times to ask this question but the info
on d.n's pages doesn't allow me to subscribe. So
maybe someone here can help.

I've been trying to find a way to calculate the no. of
blocks being held in the ppbuffin.rc5 and ppbuffout.rc5
files. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be directly
related to the file sizes. I suspect this might have to
do with the FIFO system used by the proxy for the
ppbuffin file. The varying length of the IP addresses
email addresses etc will mean the number of blocks
in the ppbuffout file won't be able to be accurately
calculated by file size.

I know the console provides this info but I want to be
able to administer this proxy remotely. I intend to write
a REXX script that I can run via CGI and display the
results of this (and various other server functions)
in a remote web browser.

Anyone know how to find out the number of blocks in these
files. I not sure if the source code for the pproxy is
publicly available, but if it is I could determine it from


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