[PROXYPER] Windows NT problem

Diggs, Steve Diggs at gateway.daugherty.com
Thu Oct 1 15:18:41 EDT 1998

Glad to hear someone else trying to use PProxy on NT. I haven't changed the
settings from their defaults other than the # of blocks downloaded at one time.
Meanwhile, I've been trying to find a way to set up a RASDIAL event that would
call my ISP, then kick the PProxy service and cause it to do a flush and fetch.
After several months of trying, I have nothing to show for it. The most logical
way I can see to do it is to do a NET STOP <PProxy> followed by a NET START.
PProxy can't seem to be started and stopped that way. Any ideas?
Also...to everyone...is the author of PProxy monitoring this list? Who is that
person? If he or she isn't interested in updating the PProxy code with the bug
fixes/enhancements, would the author be willing to release the source and let us
support it as a group? Where we are right now is not a viable situation.
Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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Subject: [PROXYPER] Windows NT problem

I just started running a proxy on my Windows NT network about a week ago
to manage the 10 computers that I have running the client. My problem is
that the proxy will not start if time average is set to 6. I get the
following error.

could not start the Bovint Distributed.Net RC5 Proxy Service service on

Error 2140: An internal Windows NT error occurred

7 or higher seems to work (I haven't tried anything above 18) Is this a
known bug, or could it be a problem with something else in my
configuration, or on my server.

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