[PROXYPER] No Flushing?

Phillip Eviston phile at phile.com.au
Mon Oct 5 16:26:05 EDT 1998

Some useful info to get help might include:
1. the operating system
2. the pproxy build
3. the maxkeysready, minkeysready and maxkeysdone setting in the ini
4. other info specific to your setup


> Hi all,
> Just installed the pp. I live behind a firewall (setup properly in the
> ini file) and my pp don't seem to flush any blocks to the free world...
> I've about a k blocks and would like to flush them, but can't seem to do
> it.
> There are no usefull error messages on the screen (level 255).
> How do I test this and/or get it to work?

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