[PROXYPER] Windows NT problem

Diggs, Steve Diggs at gateway.daugherty.com
Mon Oct 5 08:25:54 EDT 1998

Would you give the EXACT command string to make this happen? I use NET START
<Bovine Service Name> and it works...then substitute STOP for START using the
command buffer <same thing as DOSKEY> and it fails. There is something here more
than you think. I know this is a command line problem because the same thing
<does not> occur when I start and stop the service using the SERVICES applet.

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On 1 Oct 98, at 14:18, Diggs, Steve wrote:

> Glad to hear someone else trying to use PProxy on NT. I haven't changed the
> settings from their defaults other than the # of blocks downloaded at one
> Meanwhile, I've been trying to find a way to set up a RASDIAL event that would
> call my ISP, then kick the PProxy service and cause it to do a flush and
> After several months of trying, I have nothing to show for it. The most
> way I can see to do it is to do a NET STOP <PProxy> followed by a NET START.
> PProxy can't seem to be started and stopped that way. Any ideas?

Yes it can. However, I've noticed that the nt proxy (and nt client 
service for that matter) gets in a mess if they are started too 
quickly after they are stopped. And vice versa. So stop the proxy, 
wait a few seconds, then start it.

Mark Hill, Software Engineer
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