[PROXYPER] No Flushing?

djh djh at null.net
Mon Oct 5 21:37:34 EDT 1998

I use the NT PProxy on a dialup workstation that serves keys to a couple of
other machines that chew through keys during the day.  When I get home at
night they have completed a couple of hundred keys.  I connect to the
Internet and load the rc5desproxyper.ini file, change maxkeysdone=300 to
maxkeysdone=1 and restart the proxy.  Once the proxy fire up it sees that it
has exceeded the maxkeysdone and starts to communicate with the server.

This might be more clumsy than necessary but it works.  8-/

[ I had to do this because if the proxy exceeded the 'maxkeysdone' value it
would not longer accept completed blocks from the clients.  The clients
would then all timeout and need restarting.  Is this normal behaviour or
have I played with the .ini file too much?  8-) ]

Try setting 'maxkeysdone' to a lower value, try 1 to test, then restart the

It would be nice to be able to press 'f' on the proxy console screen and
have it flush the keys to the server for us dialup users.

> Just installed the pp. I live behind a firewall (setup properly in the
> ini file) and my pp don't seem to flush any blocks to the
> free world...
> I've about a k blocks and would like to flush them, but can't
> seem to do
> it.

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