[PROXYPER] Windows NT problem

Neil Sproston NeilSp at astrosoc.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 6 19:40:59 EDT 1998

I don't have this problem, except when I attempt to use netsvc from the NT
resource kit to start / stop bovproxy.
Neil Sproston

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		(See quoted message from Mark Hill below)

		I tried your suggestion for starting/stopping the NT Bovine
		1. "NET STOP bovproxy" works.
		2. "NET START bovproxy" does not work. I get the following
		The requested pause or stop is not valid for this service.
More help is
		available by typing NET HELPMSG 2191. (Of course, that help
message is of no

		After I try NET START bovproxy and go to the Services
Applet, the Start button
		is greyed out. I then have to restart NT to get the bovproxy
service to start. 

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