[RC5-PROXYPER] Running the Win32 PProxy "detached"

WINKELMANS Gunther Gunther.WINKELMANS at is.belgacom.be
Thu Sep 3 10:15:23 EDT 1998

Hi Jeff,

Indeed, the option exists in the ini, but it doesn't seem to work. Below 
you can find a mail I received a few months ago from a helpful person on 
this list. The solution he presented works just fine for me.

Best Regards,

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From: "dan carter" <motion at es.co.nz>
Subject: Re: [RC5] WIN95 question: how to start the proxy automatically  

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On Mon, 16 Feb 1998 23:35:36 +0100, gunny at mail.dma.be wrote:

>how can I start the proxy (or any program for that matter) 
>1) automatically upon win95 startup

Place an entry in the registry similar to: 

>2) hidden
The  proxy claims to be able to detach itself from the console (look in 
the .ini, read the read.me about it) but i never got that to 
work with the early DES proxies, and haven't tried with the later ones.

If you can't get that to go either, then there are numerous utilities 
designed to launch apps hidden in win95. I've got one on my 
server @ ftp://unsleeping.dyn.ml.org/pub/win32/hiderun.exe or 

If you use that your registry will look more like
hiderun.exe h:\proxy\proxyper.exe

>Once it is started in "hidden" mode, how can it be stopped?
Wintop.exe (as supplied by MS @ http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/ 
follow some links there to kernal toys) may be able 
to stop it once hide run starts it. (i have never tried this myself, i 
gave up on win95 long ago...)

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From: BARNETTE JEFFREY D <jeffbarn at lpfpo.kelly.af.mil>, on 03/09/98 1:11:
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Has anyone had any success getting the Win32 PProxy to run "detached"?  
been running the Linux PProxy this way for months; however, I'm having to
move the proxy to a Win95 machine.  Using the exact same .ini file that has
been working OK on the Linux box, the Win32 proxy starts up OK but doesn't
detach.  Is this feature not supported?  The closest reference I could find
in the docs or the RC5-PROXYPER archives was the ability to use the
"-install" switch to run the proxy as a service under NT.  I tried it under
Win95, but it didn't work.
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