[RC5-PROXYPER] IP address in proxyper log file

Samuel Chow Samuel.Chow at cgy.valmet.com
Thu Sep 3 10:36:19 EDT 1998

Hi there,

	The IP address report in the proxyper log file indicates 
	where the connection comes from.  That may not be
	the IP address of the client completed the block.  Is 
	there a way to have the IP address of the client instead?  
	I am trying to get around the following situation.

	There are two networks here.  Let's just call it Net A
	and Net B.  The Internet connection is on Net A, and
	that is where the proxyper is.  The router between Net A 
	and Net B is configured to drop connect coming from 
	Net B.  Therefore, all connection must be initiate on Net A.  
	I can get around this router by writing a pair of programs 
	doing some tunneling over the router.  However, since the 
	connect() is going to be done on Net A, the real IP on Net B 
	is lost.

Samuel Chow	

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