[RC5-PROXYPER] Running the Win32 PProxy "detached"

Diggs, Steve Diggs at gateway.daugherty.com
Fri Sep 4 16:33:30 EDT 1998

I must be doing something wrong. I tried:
net start <insert the exact text for PROXYPER that appears in the Services list
in Control Panel> - I get an error message; I'll try it at home over the holiday
and report the exact error.
net stop proxyper - seems to work OK.
Anyway, what I want to do in a batch file is:

net stop <proxyper> 
rasdial (my ISP) <security information>
net start <proxyper>
rasdial (hangup param)
Is this what you're doing, Samuel? If not, I'd like to see your approach. Thanks
much for all assistance; if I can get this working, I can expand my RC5 clients
at home by a any number I want and I can minimize the additional setup stuff.

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Starting and stopping the service works fine for me, over a dialup
connection with NT 4.0.  If the number of blocks buffered meets criteria for
flushing or fetching, starting the service (with a DUN connection active)
triggers an update.

Diggs, Steve wrote:
> For that matter, has anyone been able to get PROXYPER to do anything usefull
> NT? It works OK on the proxy side, but if you don't have a continuous
> to the Internet, it is of limited usefulness. Specifically, I need a way to
> "kick" it to do a flush and a fetch. I've tried starting and stopping the
> PROXYPER service...all kinds of things...nada...any help/comments would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Steve Diggs
> Atlanta, GA
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