[RC5-PROXYPER] Basic setup for LAN with a few machines

Phillip Chambers pj.technology at virgin.net
Mon Sep 7 00:16:48 EDT 1998

Hi all,

This one is a bit basic but...

I downloaded the latest proxy, and set up etc, but I'm having trouble
getting the few machines I have connecting to my machine that has the
dial-up connection. I think I have to specify the IP address of my dial-up
machine in the keyserver box and the clients config? My question is how do I
find out/set this? I've tried using winipcfg to see, and it comes up with an
IP address of for my ethernet adapter, but this doesn't seem
to be the thing to use?! (Using Win98, and the 2.71...etc...GUI clients by
the way)

Thanks for your help...

Phil Chambers, UK

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