[RC5-PROXYPER] proxy not flushing its buffers (and not recei

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Mon Sep 7 09:44:17 EDT 1998

> On my firewall (Linux system), I run the rc5-des proxy. Everytime I
> connect to the internet, I want to proxy to send the calculated keys
> and retrieve new keyblocks. For that, I do a killall -HUP
> rc5desproxyper which (according to the docs) should force a
> flush/update. Well, it doesn't. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

I am doing kill -SIGHUP `cat /var/log/rc5proxy.pid` (and of course 
have pidfile option active in the ini file). It works.
Petr Novotny, ANTEK CS
Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
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