[PROXYPER] Personal Proxy Graph & Statistics

Kevin Pesce kpesce at maine.rr.com
Thu Sep 17 21:47:52 EDT 1998

Hello, just wanted to let everyone know that ppgraph-1.2.pl is out.
Nothing major has changed, but there is now more documentation, updated
color themes, and various other minor corrections. It should be much
easier to get it up and working now. GNUplot 3.6 beta 340 is required (url
for GNUplot is included in source)

The latest version of ppstats-rc5.pl and ppstats-des.pl is 2.5, which
fixed a great number of problems with all versions <= 2.4  Please upgrade
ASAP if you are running and older version of ppstats. Version 2.5 is very
stable and many people are happy with it.

Personal Proxy Graph

Personal Proxy Statistics for Bovine RC5-64

Personal Proxy Statistics for Monarch DES-II

Personal Proxy Statistics for OGR will be created the day the new
proxies are released, so keep an eye out for it.

Comments & hacks are welcome!
Kevin Pesce
kpesce at hotmail.com

 Kevin M. Pesce
 University of Southern Maine Computer Users Group
 mailto:kpesce at hotmail.com

 "Dijkstra probably hates me." (Linus Torvalds, in kernel/sched.c)

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