[PROXYPER] GMT anomaly

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sun Sep 20 21:23:58 EDT 1998

Phillip Eviston wrote:
> Thanks for the posting Neil, and it's very interesting to see
> that others are having the same problem. I started using the
> OS/2 280 PProxy in early August and saw the problems, but after
> discussion with the guy that ported it, we thought it may have
> been the way the Watcom compiler handled dates.
> But if it's happening on other platforms, then we may have to
> rethink this strategy. It's a particular pain in the a#$@ for me
> 'cos I run dynamic stats for submitters to my PProxy. From 10:00
> am local time, anyone checking stats triggers the cgi to update
> the stats and the stats routine knows to put in a column for the
> new day, but the PProxy claims that the new day starts at 11:00
> local time and therefore the blocks are added to the "Blocks
> completed yesterday" column. This has been annoying the crap out
> of me and I was hoping (still am) that this would be corrected when
> we start daylight saving in NSW.
> I suppose I'll just have to wait and see...

methinks that you definitely need to look at taking into account the
difference between your location and GMT in your cgi program... on
second thought, it's probably better to leave it basing everything on
GMT as that's how all the proxy's are recording things and it is also
the only real base point to start from... just educate everyone about
GMT and the timezone differences... that's what i do all day,
everyday... educate'em, educate'em, educate'em...

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