[PROXYPER] Linux 281 bug

Mark Hill HillMW at august-systems.co.uk
Wed Sep 23 16:24:07 EDT 1998

On 23 Sep 98, at 13:47, Petr Novotny wrote:

> I am again trying to report a bug in Linux perproxy build 281. There 
> was no response last time - is there someone interested still?
> My setup: Proxy is running on the dial-up router; the connection is 
> active only a few hours a day. DNS server is running on the same 
> computer too and perproxy is using it for queries.
> Problem: When the host is not on-line (ie. local DNS can't 
> communicate with the world around) and the proxy needs to flush or 
> fetch, it stops serving the clients. (My settings: maxkeysready=600, 
> maxkeysdone=20; as soon as I have only 599 ready keys or 21 done 
> keys, the proxy stops feeding the clients at all!) I consider it a 
> serious bug - more than half of the blocks my clients check are 
> random blocks!

The same thing happens in the 280 NT version. The log file indicates 
that the pproxy accepts connections from the clients, but does 
nothing and they eventually timeout.

Mark Hill, Software Engineer
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