[PROXYPER] Linux 281 bug

Diggs, Steve Diggs at gateway.daugherty.com
Wed Sep 23 11:20:12 EDT 1998

This isn't a good solution, because on NT the PROXYPER Service has to be started
and stopped in order for INI file changes to take effect. A command line switch
would do the trick.
Steve Diggs

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It seems logical that the proxy stops accepting keys from the clients if 
the maxkeysdone has been reached.
But if you increase the maxkeysdone, it will take longer to flush when 

Maybe the coders should add a minkeysdone parameter?

Or if your online & offline time is fixed, you could work with 2 ini-files: 
- one with a small maxkeysdone for on-line work;
- one with a large maxkeysdone for off-line work.
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