[PROXYPER] Forcing flush on NT

Jeff Muzzy jeffmu at blackmoon.com
Wed Sep 23 12:34:08 EDT 1998

No System has the access right to run processes as a service which
Adminstrator does not come with but is easily added. FILE RUN USRMGR
\\%COMPUTERNAME%  POLICIES User Rights, Click on Show Advanded User Rights
and try setting the Login as Service Right.

I have had the same problem with getting service like DNS and SMTP/POP3
running.  I created a user account which had the right to login as a service
and have permissions to the directories to do its work.


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In message <199809231617.SAA03886 at albatros.icom.cz>, "Petr Novotny"

>Jeff said this should work; however, I am getting error 5, it means
>"Access is denied", even when running that as administrator. Hey
>Jeff, if you're listening, isn't the event created with too strict
>security options?

If a service is started from the SCM, it has the owner "System" IIRC
which is different (and apparently more powerful) than
"Administrator" ....


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