[PROXYPER] Linux 281 bug

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Wed Sep 23 21:51:06 EDT 1998

Petr Novotny wrote:
> > It seems logical that the proxy stops accepting keys from the
> > clients if the maxkeysdone has been reached.
> No it doesn't seem logical; reaching maxkeysready means "Hm I think I
> should flush", not "Hm I think I should run for cover". The proxy

flush to WHERE?!? if you don't have a connection, there's no where for
the perproxy to flush to... and it surely can't hand out random
blocks... better to let the clients generate them... ahhh, i see now...
you want the perproxy to hand out key in the random space so that you
won't have any clients generating the same block and wasting that
effort... hummm... i can also see where having the perproxy accept keys
from the clients should also be allowed... so what if the keysready
entry it surpassed, use that setting only to trigger a flush if we're

ok, so now we've actually defined the real problems not bugs...

  1. let the perproxy hand out keys from the random spaces.

  2. let the perproxy accept more keys than maxkeysready

appears to be a design flaw... NOT a bug...

i have to wonder, though, how close to the official proxies the perproxy
really is. if they are, in fact, the same then we're looking at the
entire proxy network being altered in how it operates. it would also
mean a "transfer of responsibility" WRT who generates the random keys...
hummm, maybe not because the clients would still be able to connect to
the proxy... hummm, [wheels turning] ok, yes, some additional
functionality could/should be added to the proxies... WRT random keys,
i'd hate to think that my perproxy hands out the same 5000 random keys
that yours does and that both our clients are then "wasting time" and
that depending on which of us gets connected to the official proxies

i can see where the number 1 above could go either way... it's probably
beast to just implement number 2 above and let the clients continue
generating the random keys as they see fit but that is up to the
developers after all...

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