[PROXYPER] Linux 281 bug

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Fri Sep 25 18:01:51 EDT 1998

> flush to WHERE?!? if you don't have a connection, there's no where
> for the perproxy to flush to...

Yes sure.

> and it surely can't hand out random
> blocks... better to let the clients generate them... ahhh, i see
> now... you want the perproxy to hand out key in the random space so
> that you won't have any clients generating the same block and
> wasting that effort... 

No you don't understand. The proxy still has a lot of blocks to check 
but since it thinks it is busy flushing/fetching it doesn't 
communicate with clients. I hope I stated this clearly: The proxy has 
full buffers but it is busy DNS querying(?) and not feeding clients.

>   1. let the perproxy hand out keys from the random spaces.

Not neccessarily.

>   2. let the perproxy accept more keys than maxkeysready

Sure as hell!

> appears to be a design flaw... NOT a bug...

What's the f*ing difference? It doesn't work - I don't care if it is 
due to weak concept or weak coding...

> i can see where the number 1 above could go either way... it's
> probably beast to just implement number 2 above and let the clients
> continue generating the random keys as they see fit but that is up
> to the developers after all...

PLUS not let the proxy get too busy trying to communicate with 
higher-level proxies.
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