[PROXYPER] PProxy on PowerPC

Jerome Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
Sun Sep 27 23:53:39 EDT 1998

Hi Folks,

It's been nine months I've seen on d.net's pages that a PProxy for PowerPC
is in the works.

So what's up ?

I have a powerMac running both MkLinux & MacOS 8.1, a BeBox running BeOS
plus 2 old Macs. I live in a 20 square meters flat with four computers (4
screens, 4 mice and 4 keyboard, no need for central Heating;-), I don't
want another computer, I want software to run a PProxy.

CUL8er in the water.
Jérôme "globule" Lamarque	<mailto:globulle at club-internet.fr>
"Dans la vie il y a trois sortes de gens.
Ceux qui savent compter et les autres."
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